Though born Carol Mae Ray in Miami, Florida, and, though I still love the sight of green fronds waving in a breeze against an azure sky, I am a transplanted New Englander now. I live a busy retired life in Rhode Island under the name Carol Anderheggen.

In addition to writing (and sometimes being published in regional journals here in the Northeast) I am an active American Red Cross volunteer on national disaster responses. You might wonder what a poet is doing for the Red Cross—I enlist my “left brain” computer talents in helping to install and support technology on their responses. And, yes, I was in NYC on September 13th, 2001 and worked my heart out for two months. (For more information on the Red Cross check out

My spiritual home for my poetic self is The Frost Place, Franconia, NH where I work on the staff of The Frost Festival of Poetry every summer. If you are a poet looking for an authentic learning and writing experience consider applying to The Festival at If you are fortunate enough to be accepted you will never regret it!

Help yourself to my poetry. Please give me credit if you want to print it out and share it—that is all I ask. If you would like to communicate with me about the poetry, the Red Cross, New England, cats (there are four who own me) or whatever please email me at

Enjoy and come back in a year. I may have posted some new poems!